Horsebridge Art Talks: Exploring Different Facets of Art and Culture Throughout the Centuries with Hephzibah Llewellyn Jones


The Horsebridge Art Talks programme continues with lectures exploring the different facets of art and culture
throughout the Centuries, through presentations with images and artefacts, led by Hephzibah Llewellyn Jones.

Booking recommended. Contact or 07763 016 941
directly for more detailed information

Wednesday 29 August 7pm

Looking at Las Meninas by Velázquez Diego Velázquez, the leading artist of the Spanish Golden Age,
painted Las Meninas in 1656. But what is the composition really telling us? Who are the characters and what
do they represent? Discover more about this moment of history in a frame

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Wednesday 19 September 7pm

Off the Beaten Map Looking at curious maps and discovering curious facts: Explore alternative
views of the world and take a wander through some strange places.

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Wednesday 24 October 7pm

Botticelli and the Invention of the Renaissance Pop Icon A look at how The Birth of Venus has
become part of popular culture.

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Wednesday 21 November 7pm

A Look at Costume in Latin American and Spanish Paintings What the picture is telling
the viewer.

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Thursday 6 December 7pm

The Art of Chile Chilean artists and their view of their world.

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