Horsebridge Art Talks: Exploring the Different Facets of Latin America Art and Culture with Hephzibah Llewellyn Jones


The Horsebridge Art Talks programme continues with lectures exploring the different facets of Latin American
art and culture through presentations with images and artefacts, lead by Hephzibah Llewellyn Jones.

Booking recommended. Contact or 07763 016 941
directly for more detailed information.

Wednesday 23 May 7pm

Pablo Picasso's Guernica:A look at how Guernica depicts the Spanish Civil War and it's
comparisons with Renaissance Battle, painted 500 years ago.

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Wednesday 20 June 7pm

The Richness of Folklore and Dance in Mexico, Peru and Columbia:Explore colour, Myth, tradition,
culture and story telling, the vitality and essence of these three Latin American countries.

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