LUNATRAKTORS Live Performance


We are happy to announce that Margate-based duo LUNATRAKTORS will
perform here next Friday at the Private Preview of Horsebridge
Open 2018: Art is Something Much More Dangerous!

The preview is an opportunity for participating artists and their
guests to see the assembled works from Kent, London and abroad and
meet the fellow exhibitors.

About Lunatraktors: Founded in Prague in 2015, this ‘broken folk’
duo is composed of Carli Jefferson (percussion, voice) and Clair
Le Couteur (voice, loops). Fusing body percussion, harmonic singing,
tap-dance and live looping, Lunatraktors create dark, playful re-
workings of the folk archive, weaving traditional ballads with influences
from contemporary music and theatre, stripping folk back to its raw
elements to discover complex, polyrhythmic landscapes guaranteed to raise
your spirits.
@lunatraktors on Twitter and Instagram