Concertina Sketchbook Workshop with Karen Stamper


Concertina Sketchbook Workshop with Karen Stamper

Sunday 18th March
10.30am-4pm (Adults)

Do you need to liven up your sketchbook? In this workshop we will work with inks,
pens, pencils and collage to develop 4-10 pages on the theme of buildings/streets.
We will be responding to the collage elements and mark making.

I will bring plenty of materials, but you may wish to bring your favourites. You
may also want to bring a couple of photos/images for refernce ie. a French street,
windows, doorways.

Please bring A5 sketchbook. Morning and afternoon breaks. Lunch 12.30-1pm.

Please trey to buy a concertina sketchbook from Seawhite, Cassart or Amazon.

For more details or to book, contact Karen on 07789 242821