Therapeutic Sound Workshops with Naomy Browton


January 10th 7-8.45pm Transformational Voicework (Narrative Voicescape)
Let's use the energy of the new year to shed that which stops you living the life you want.
Small group to hold space. Helpful if you have done December's creative workshop but not necessary.

Booking Essential £13

February 7th 7-8.30pm Drum Circle
Therapeutic sound with drum. The drum has been used for healing and altering consciousness since
ancient times. BAST method of drum therapy brings modern understanding to inherited wisdom. We will
play together to achieve a deep relaxed (yet often energised) state. You will also have the opportunity
to give and receive a short drum sound bath if you choose. You will need a drum.

Booking Essential. £10.

March 7th 7-8.30pm. Toning and Overtoning
We will use these ancient vocal practices to facilitate a deep (yet often energised) relaxed state
and give and receive sound with healing intention. You will be able get tips on your Overtone Chanting
if you have learned before or new to this practice.

Booking Essential. £10

Contact details remain the same
01227 741802