Working with Your Voice - Alexander Technique


Working With Your Voice - Alexander Technique

Sunday 10th December - 1pm.

This workshop explores the habitual tensions we carry around with us,
our reactionsto stress, performance anxiety and pain, and what those
things "do" to our bodies and to our voice. We'll look at lots of
practical tips and tools to manage and understand ou habits and reflexes

"You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into
muscular tension." F.M Alexander

In this Two hour workshop, you will be introduced to several key principles
and exercises drawing on the Alexander Technique.
Through these, we will explore and develop your use of your body as a tool
for performance.

We'll focus on breathing, awraeness. control and body tension, and we'll aim
to integrate a set of potable skills for life.

All abilities and levels of experience.
Absolute beginners are welcome!
Max 12 participants.

Please wear comfortable clothes.

£30 per person
Special ticket - 1x2 people £40.

07717 553022