"When it Rains Look for Rainbows" An Exhibition of Colour and Contrast


Peny Manavi, Baljit Balrow and Jewellery Designer Lee O'Connor

Gallery 1

13 - 19 December
Vibrant artists Peny Manavi from Athens and Baljit Balrow from Kent shall be showcasing some breathtaking contemporary ‘works of colour’ alongside some unique pieces of jewellery by internationally known South African designer, Lee O’Connor.

Peny Manavi (Athens School of Fine Art) is an internationally known artist, having extensively exhibited in Europe and overseas, including Paris, Madrid, New York, Toronto & Tokyo. We are delighted that her UK debut exhibition will be held here at the Horsebridge.
Peny’s work is very much inspired by the colours, shapes, patterns and textures in nature, especially those found in Greece. Her pieces are extremely powerful, energetic and colourful and often include insects, plants, animals and reptiles. Peny’s unique style skillfully uses texture and contrast to create maximum impact. Her work will engage with a range of mixed media, ink and oil.

Baljit Balrow is a Kent based artist who has widely exhibited internationally and in the UK for the past 20 years since graduating in Visual Art. She is a longtime creative mentor collaborating with a number of educational institutions and creative agencies and held an artist’s residence at the Open Studio, Museum of Kent Life (2004-2009). Baljit creates bold and beautiful pieces, which focus on warmth, depth and light. Her work will engage with a range of mixed media, gloss and oil. Creative play and risk-taking is evident throughout her paintings and the texture and movement on her canvasses reflect this. Her British-Indian heritage and a wide range of interests including music, fashion, cinematography, interior design and nature have all influenced her work.

Lee O’Connor Lee is from South Africa and has extensively exhibited her works internationally. Each piece is unique, individually designed and hand-made in her workshops in London and Greece. Bold freedom of design ensures that her pieces are wearable works of art – each one makes a striking individual statement. We are delighted to have Lee exhibit her works alongside Peny and Baljit as we feel her unusual jewellery pieces perfectly compliment the artwork and bring a degree of harmony and balance to the exhibition.