The Rose and Other Stories


Julia groves

Gallery 2

22 - 28 November

I have a multidisciplinary approach inspired by the historical and
contemporary traditions of botanical art and contemporary fine art
practices. I employ both traditional and non-traditional techniques.

The rose pieces are from a new body of work exploring aspects of this
flower. For me the rose magically hovers between the earth and air
elements and has a fascinating personal, social and historical symbolic
potency. This work, as with all my work, explores my interests in ethno
botany and has manyb layered considerations and narratives.

Future projects include the Royal College of Physicians exhibition in
2018 celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the Pharmacopoeia Londinensis.
A unique compendium of medicinal plants, their properties and uses.
As one of a number of botanical artists taking part, I have selected to
paint Rosa damascena.

I am a member of Bedgebury Pinetum Florilegium Society.