Paintings of weather, light richness and movement of the coast.
They are evocative of the shoreline.The paintings are both striking
and colourful, painted mostly from memory, in mixed media.

My paintings are depictions of the ever present drama of weather,
light and movement of the coastal world, and the feelings of the
British seaside. The tension in the air when a storm is approaching
or the rain glistening against a deep and forboding sky. The sun lit
water glinting on the white breakers and wind howling in a gale.
They are inspired by my love of the weather, light and sea. They are
of memories of places and times, my interpretation of the feeling of a place.
Painted mostly from memory, as for me a camera does not capture the energy
of the soul or vision of the richness of the moment. Theses paintings evoke
my feelings of wonder and awe at the power and the pure beauty of where the
sea and the land join, hence the title of this exhibition 'Shoreline'.
Painted in a variety of mixed media on canvas and paper which allows me to
capture the light, essence and movement of the sea and my love of painting it.

Roger Mortimer

Gallery 2

28 June - 4 July