Coastal Collective


Tor Smith, Meg Chater, Jane Hillis, Sue Moreton, Susan Pickard.

Gallery 2

31 May - 6 June

Felted animals and pictures by Tor Smith, wearable art in felt by Meg Chater, locally inspired ceramics by Sue Moreton, original card making by Jane Hillis and embroidered artwork by Susan Pickard.

We are a group of artists from Whitstable and Ramsgate inspired by our local area.

Tor Smith needle felts rabbits, mice and miniature teddy bears and has also been exploring wet felting and machine embroidery to create textile artworks.

Meg Chater is a textile artist creating beautiful pieces of felt wearable art in the form of clothing and jewellery using predominantly hand-dyed materials.

Jane Hillis, a textile artist, has been making cards for over 50 years inspired by her love of nature and sense of humour.

Sue Moreton creates decorative and functional stoneware and porcelain inspired by Whitstable and its coastal features and character..

Susan Pickard is a textile artist creating finely detailed embroidery.