Works by Peter Nevett (1924 to 2016)


Peter Nevett

Gallery 2

12 - 18 April

Depictions of Canterbury and surrounding area by a former toy designer/cartoonist who had a lifelong passion for painting. Includes caricatures and earlier Cubist influenced work.

Peter Nevett was a newspaper reporter and cartoonist in the 1940s and 1950s who took his drawing skills into toy and doll design. He initially designed for Rosebud Dolls and then for Pedigree Triang in Canterbury.
He had always painted and amongst his many influences Cubism held a special fascination. In later years, his brushwork becomes freer with subject matter closer to home and often Canterbury area.

Throughout, he never lost his keen eye for a caricature. Sadly, the onset of dementia in his late eighties curtailed his artistic output. He spent his final year well cared for at Bridge Haven Care Home.

Proceeds to Dementia Uk.