Ripping Landscapes


Fiona Spirals

Gallery 2

5 - 11 April

I'm a collage artist living on the North Kent Marshes, in Higham, and I'll be making work everyday during the Ripping Landscapes exhibition.
I'm captivated by the long vistas of the marshes, the mudflats, the creeks, and their many moods.
Recently I've been looking further afield, studying mountains in Scotland, the beaches of Goa and the drama of New Zealand. I work from the landscape directly using drawing, and I also work from photographs.
As I'm a climber, I delight in using paper from the colourful pages of climbing magazines. Often I smuggle tiny images of climbers in to the piece, as well as working with the many textures of stone, rock, sea and sky.

I also take commissions, and run workshops to encourage people into collage. Come and meet me!

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