MAHL Exhibition


MAHL Exhibition

Angela Malone, Stephen Asquith, John Hughes, Peter Livesey.

Somerset Maugham Gallery

22 March - 4 April
The MAHL group’s 4th Exhibition: Formed in 2012 they have all exhibited in the major London Galleries. They bring together a collection of sculptures, etchings, prints, oils and watercolours.

Angela Malone: Originally from New York, Angela studied in Vienna and was awarded the International Fattorini Prize for her medallion design and also the Niagara Falls Prize. Her work has been exhibited in the British Museum, the National Museums of Wales and Cornwall, Cutler’s Hall in London, the Iconic Secession Building in Vienna and in the Museum of Aschaffenburg in Germany. She has completed large murals for “La Trappiste”, evocative of Alfons Maria Mucha and “Elsie Mo’s New York Diner” both in Canterbury. Sadly the latter is now closed but the murals at” La Trappiste” can still be seen. She is currently working on restorative decoration on buildings in Margate, as well as her stone sculptures.

Stephen Asquith: Having studied graphics at the Epsom School of Art, Steve worked in advertising as a model maker and animator. In 2000 he was attracted to etching when he attended the Slade Summer School. Having later decided to study full time, he enrolled on a MA in Fine Art Printing at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, where he experimented with impressionistic and abstract forms. Moving to Whitstable allowed him to return to representational imagery, capturing the essence of the natural world in his own characteristic style. He has exhibited in the Mall Gallery, London and in several of the Printmaker’s Council exhibitions.

John Hughes: John uses watercolour, pastel and oils, the latter being on large canvasses with a remarkable intensity of detail, offering the observer a heightened awareness of the natural world. He is a full time artist and teacher, having graduated with honours from London University and a subsequent post graduate Teaching Diploma. He has exhibited at the RA, and in the Mall gallery with the RBA, the Pastel Society and the Society of Landscape Painters. He has also displayed his work in many other prestigious shows around the UK and in 2013 was invited to participate in the BBC project “Your Paintings” archive.

Peter Livesey: Peter was a GP and Sub Dean to King’s College London, where he developed his interest in verbal and non-verbal communication. He is known for his paintings of Canterbury Cathedral, many of which have illustrated the official Calendars, and greetings and Christmas cards. From his interest in body language, he was drawn to figurative realism and narrative painting, exhibiting his work at Chelsea Town Hall, the Mall Galleries with the RI and at the RWS. He has recently been commissioned to illustrate the Cathedral’s 2018 Calendar and this year’s Christmas Card.