He Said, She Said


He Said, She Said

Lucy Stockwell and Liz Wellstead

Gallery 2

15 - 21 March

An exhibition of Prints exploring social commentary through pictorial events and social media. Playing with term ‘A Picture Speaks a thousand words’.

Lucy Stockwell is an artist/printmaker who works with a narrative that is making a play on today’s society and the state of relationships. Using a variety of printmaking techniques and embroidery she creates conversations between characters that relate to everyday situations and stereotypes.

Liz Wellstead is a artist/print designer and one half of the design company Jago Creatives. Wellstead explores the concept of social commentary through the medium of cyanotype. Using typed text from social media and her own handwriting, she creates layers of typographical imagery to communicate the feeling the ‘feed’ is never static and constantly moving.