Post Art


1 May - 28 June

Our fourth annual postcard exhibition. This year we ask you to simply post art. In 2011 we had the very first Post Nude show and exhibited 700 postcards from around the world and locally. In 2012 Post View attracted 800 postcards. Last year in 2013 we brought back Post Nude and were overwhelmed with 900 nudes on postcards.

We are now asking you all to submit your art, be it painted, photographed, etched, sketched, knitted, collaged, sculpted, written, screenprinted, ceramic, any medium of art at all! The theme is as broad as it can be, we just want you to send us your own work in it's original form on a postcard in the post. We will exhibit the cards during May and June in Gallery 3 and expect record numbers of visitors. Be part of this phenomenally successful and beautifully simple show.

What is Post Art?

An exhibition of postcards sent through Royal Mail from all over the world and locally. This year's theme is beautifully straightforward. Send us your art, any medium, on a postcard in the post. Guidelines available from the Horsebridge centre and website.

The incredible, unprecedented success of Post Nude in 2013 saw almost 1000 perfect naked postcards sent to the exhibition, trusted to the safe handling of Royal Mail. The show was enormously popular with artists and visitors, and was a celebration of the nude in art, the postal process and the fading tradition of sending postcards. We had nudes in every artistic medium: knitted, painted, wooden, textile, etched, wire, drawn, photographs, 3D, sculptural all were completely unique and quite honestly beautiful in their own right. We had cards from India, France, America, the Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Iceland, Canada, Ireland, and locally too. It was a powerful expression of the creative ability of humans, the incredible wonder of the human form and the trust people have in our postal system.

We are again calling you all to post us your art, in all it's many forms, by the 27 April to be part of Post Art 2014.

So, how can you take part this year? The Horsebridge need your postcards, we need your support more than ever and being part of free open exhibitions like this one is a great way of showing us you need us, and it gives us a chance to offer the visitor and local community a fantastic artistic experience. Simply make your art on a postcard, any subject, any medium as long as it is in it's original form, post it to us and come and see the exhibition. Guidelines available at The Horsebridge or via the website.



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