The Snow Queen

Saturday 18 January 2pm for 2.30pm start
Tickets £7 adults / £5 under 16s - Box office 01227 281174

A young boy, Kay, and his dear friend Gerda are devoted to each other. Kay’s grandmother tells them about an evil mirror that won’t reflect the good and beautiful in people, but magnifies all that’s bad and ugly. She also tells them about the cold-hearted Snow Queen who lures children to her palace at the North Pole.

One summer’s day a splinter from the mirror lodges in Kay’s heart and he changes, becoming cruel and cold. Later that year, when winter comes, the Snow Queen appears and takes Kay to her icy palace. No-one knows what’s happened to him, but heartbroken Gerda decides she must find out. After a long and dangerous journey, she discovers Kay under the Snow Queen’s spell. Can she break it and bring her old friend back?

Michael Whitmore’s delightful adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s magical tale conjures up a captivating mix of fantasy, fable and love triumphing over evil in this favourite winter story.


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