I'm A Photographer Get Me Out Of Here!

Mar 19 2014Apr 1 2014

Landscape and reportage photography
Doug Peters & Richard Chambury

With 40 years of experience photographing the world's fame junkies, from A to Z listers, miles upon miles of red carpet, screaming fans, royal weddings, funerals and babies, “ I’m A Photographer Get Me Out Of Here" was always going to be the call from photographers Doug Peters and Richard Chambury, as they felt the need to escape the utter madness of Planet Celebrity and reconnect with what made them want to pick up a camera in the first place.

Friends and colleagues for more than 20 years, they share the same need to create images far removed from what they are required to capture on a daily basis. The images brought together in this joint exhibition show just how far they have gone to exorcise their showbiz demons.

Richard's photographs take a sideways and often amusing look at the world around us, concentrating on the people he comes across often on journeys up and down the country. With great changes to the photographic industry and the introduction of digital, he has embraced all the new technology, shooting reportage images with medium format film, plastic lomography cameras, dSLR and lately the Apple iPhone.

Doug takes us as far away from the life he knows, often ending up in a much quieter landscape, spending hours waiting for the weather to work its magic with the landscape he has chosen to photograph. These are not the picture postcard places you see in a brochure, but more interesting sparse land and seascapes, where a visit to the supermarket is done monthly in a truck, because it's a 300 mile round trip.


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