Earthbound Women

Mar 12 2014Mar 18 2014

The Earthbound Women are bound by a passion for clay, earth, form and landscape

Barbara Colla
Barbara Colla is a sculptural artist working mainly in ceramics. Drawing upon her experience in Archaeology, her work reflects the most ancient of forms – the representation of the figure. She explores how the marks and traces from the past reflect the transient nature of our existence, helping us to explore lost meanings from the artefacts uncovered throughout history.

Clare Curtis
Inspired by engine components, Clare investigates the negative and positive in beyond function sculptures. Energy, balance, volume and internal space are considered within a 'naked clay' approach. Textured and tactile surfaces unite with clean lines, and smoke-fired fragments describe the 'Void in Chaos' dream.

Julie Frampton
Julie Frampton’s drawings reflect her domestic environment and the trees in her garden. She is absorbed with the transience of light and reflection on surfaces and the challenge of capturing the vibration of the images.

Ruth McDonald
Ruth McDonald is a painter print-maker working from a studio in a Kentish copse and The Print Block Whitstable, her work portrays woodland landscape and the sea often illuminated by failing light and the moon and the traces left by past inhabitants.
She describes an inner landscape where we can experience a sense of rhythmic energy and vitality in observation, reminding us of where we have come from and our ultimate destiny.

Kristiina Sandoe
Kristiina’s work currently explores landmarks, memory and archaeology, focusing on remembered landscapes both personal and cultural.
She is concerned with the fragile relationship between the natural and manmade world and in the development of land use; the way that natural boundaries and man-made structures form and order the landscape.

Anne O’Driscoll
Anne works with the possibilities of the
overlooked, transforming everyday objects and unnoticed landscapes to
reveal wider truths.


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