The Comic Book Club

Tuesday 3 September 7-9pm

You! Yes you! Put down that copy of The Financial Times, discard your well thumbed Fifty Shades of Grey! Come and read comics. You know you want to. Comics, yes, like Spiderman, Yes Batman too, and so many others. Worlds you will know nothing of, joys you will have forgotten since you were young.

We bring you the first book club for comic fans to share old favourites, and brand new works. Meeting monthly in the Horsebridge Cafe, come and have a drink, sit and talk comics and help add to the club reading list. We promise affiliated film showings and a chance to geek it up with great people. Come and join, you will get a Comic Book Club badge if you attend the first meeting. No need to hide your passion you can now share it with others! Love comics, love graphic novels, want to love them but don't know where to start come along. Meetings will be the first Tuesday of every month


Please call for further information: 01227 281174