The Art of Horror - Gallery 3

An exhibition of classic horror poster art and a brand new look at the art of fear in print.

Gallery 3 will play its part in the centenary celebration of Peter Cushing’s life and work with this exhibition of vintage posters and re-imagined new poster art by featured artists.

The horror poster images for companies like Hammer, Amicus and Hollywood mainstream distributors were iconic, often incredibly crafted, graphically alluring marketing tools for the huge number of horror films of the 50s,60s and 70s.

We are asking artists to bring these images up to date with a new exhibition of works covering the film posters of Peter Cushing. Contact us to be part of the art of fear!

Peter Cushing at 100!
A centenary celebration of Whitstable’s most famous resident, screen legend Peter Cushing. As part of the wider celebration in Whitstable of Peter Cushing at 100 the Horsebridge is hosting several events to mark this momentous occasion.


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