3D, Audio-visual, Hung works

Frontline 2 Fineline is the first exhibition of its kind in the UK in which two women, both artists and high profile BBC journalists present a unique insight into the world of the media and conflict through their art.

Triona was a BBC News Correspondent for 25 years, covering conflicts, famines and disasters. Her career was terminated when she became critically ill after reporting on Romania’s orphanages. Whilst convalescing, Triona discovered her latent artistic ability, going on to graduate from Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Susan was the first BBC News camerawoman to be sent into warzones in this role and she continues in this work today. Susan is a graduate in Film Studies of St Martins and the Royal College of Art.

In Frontline 2 Fineline Triona and Susan have created narratives personal and distinctive, based directly upon their experience of civil conflict, wars and famines around the globe over the past 25 years or more. Through art, Triona & Susan’s work offers viewers a personal, yet informed, vision of the world; a vision that goes beyond the formulaic daily presentations in the media.

Susan and Triona will be in conversation with Kate Adie on Saturday 13th & Sandi Toksvig on Saturday 20th April about women, war, conflict and art. Both events start at 19.30hrs in the Horsebridge Centre.

Tickets £10 - all proceeds will go to the Horsebridge Centre.


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