Post View

Post View Auction!

These beautiful and interesting cards have been for sale throughout the exhibition for £20.00 each. You now have the opportunity to place a bid on any card you love!

So do come in and place you bid!

This is an exhibition of 400+ postcards, all having made their journey from artist or writer to us via Royal Mail

Come and see this wonderful exhibition of posted views. It is a powerful and moving show when you consider all the individual stories behind each chosen view. All the ages involved from 3 to 83, views from India, Spain, France, Amsterdam, Iceland, America, Isle of Man and Scotland! And of course local views you will know and love.

We have views in felt, paint, collage, resin, perspex, wool, wood, pencil, poetry and prose.

And we still want more! We are still asking everyone to send us their views! Take part, we will continue to add cards to this thought provoking exhibition throughout its residence in Gallery 3.

Please send us your view, every one is unique

Come along and support this fantastic open exhibition of postcards, buy a piece of postal art and start collecting these eclectic and clever artworks.

Love the post, love the VIEW - POST VIEW


This exhibition will take place in Gallery 3. Our galleries are open 9am - 6pm daily (10am - 6pm Sunday's / 5pm winter hours)